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What Is 4K Body Lift?

Time Freeze Laser targets for anti aging by lifting the face and also getting rid of photoaging. Photoaging is a consequence of UV light from the sun. Over a period of time, the UV light rays induces fine wrinkles to develop, pigmentation spots to form and it damages the skin’s architecture, causing a loss of its original elasticity and smoothness.

What Regions Are Suitable?

  • Underarm Bat Wings

  • Bra Roll

  • Flanks

  • Central Tummy – Lower and Upper Abdomen

  • Thigh – Lateral, Medial, Posterior and Anterior Regions

  • Breasts

  • Buttocks

*Treatment is specific to the root cause of the issue which can be either excessive fat deposits, sagginess of skin or poor skin elasticity over the region specified.

What is the procedure like?


This procedure is done using surgical radiofrequency energy delivered to the targeted area and the energy remodels fats and structure and allows collagen and elastin stimulation. The end result in increased fat metabolism, better skin structural support, achieving a skin tightening result, which can be semi-permanent results.

> Understanding your needs and desired body goal.
> SOP photos are taken for body assessment & analysis by doctor and team.
> Treatment plan & payment plans are discussed with your needs, budgets and comfort levels considered.
> Targeted area is cleansed.
> Anaesthesia injections over targeted area.
> Surgical RF energy is delivered to target area.
> Procedure is complete.
> You're penned in for your review 

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