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R2 Glow Laser VS Redness


R2 Glow Laser targets redness extremely well. Redness is commonly seen across our faces and sun exposed areas. Damaging UV light from the sun causes damage to our skin that warrants repair. Inevitably, there will be an increase in the amount of red blood vessels that supply nutrients to the damaged areas. Persistent damage results in further proliferation of the excess blood vessels. Other causes are that of acne and inflammation that contribute towards this pathway.

All of this leads to redness that we can identify with – acne, persistent reddened cheeks and reddened skin around the nose, and fine blood vessels that we see across our faces

What are the benefits

Instantaneous Brightening
Lightens Pigments
Reduces Fine Hairs
Reduces Redness & Inflammation
Targets Acne
Permanent hair removal
Mole Removal
Scar Treatment

How Is The Procedure Like?

No numbing cream is needed.
R2 Glow Laser commences, it will feel like a jet of cold air rushing against the skin across the region treated.
R2 Laser is also used for an INSTANTANEOUS brightening and achieving a glow to our skin on top of the ability to resolve conditions that have redness! 

Patients love the instantaneous results and report as high as 40% improvement after the session!

Scar Treatment

Scar Reconstruction Areas

Acne Scars
Enlarged Pores 
Post Surgical Scars
Accident Scars
Keloidal Scars
Hypertrophic Scars
Scars on Body Regions 

Even with one treatment session, results can be appreciated.


Dr Sin Yong's Recommendations

R2 Laser allows us to generate a brightening effect to the skin. It achieves this through taking away a very thin layer of dead skin cells and allows the new glowing skin to show. On top of that, it is an effective laser to treat acne and any areas of redness!

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For concerns of excessive facial fats, find out more on how 3D Facial Reconstruction inspires a new generation of facelifts.

Find out how it can generate the R2 Glow Lift & Reversal of Photoaging here!

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