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How Does Z Sculpt Help Us?


All of us love to eat. But as we age, our metabolism slows down. Even though most of us exercise regularly, it becomes inevitable that excess fats then get laid down in different regions of our body. Common regions for both men and women alike include the central abdomen, flanks, thighs and buttocks. The accumulation of these excess fats then lead to unsightly humps and folds in our body.

Z Sculpt uses High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic to work out our muscles. In a 30 minute session, it is equivalent to up to 50000 sit ups or squats depending on region treated. Just like exercise, it triggers deep muscle remodelling and promotes muscle growth.

With the intensity of exercise, cell membrane porosity changes and free fatty acids are released from the fat cells. This build up free fatty acids induces fat apoptosis where fat cells are destroyed.

Z Sculpt Treatment Zones

Areas that it can treat:

Central Abdomen
Under Arms

Treatment Phases of Z Sculpt

  1. Steady contracting phase just like when we exercise,

  2. Crescendo hyperstimulating phase which pushes the boundaries for the muscles to work harder and grow stronger,

  3. Recovery phase for muscles to adapt.

Who Is Suitable For Z Sculpt?

Anyone who wants their fats sculpted down and fashioned into muscles! If you are pregnant or suffer from any other health problems please do let your doctor assess before treatment.

You can also choose to undergo the same treatment session together with your loved one in what we term Partner in Sculpting.

Z Sculpt forms the starting block and to sculpt further we use a combination of HIFU and microwave technology or fat busting injections to bring the excess fats down.

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